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Ocgnews.com Publisher takes a big step toward recovery from second knee surgery


Video by Valerie J. Morgan


Glenn L. Morgan, publisher of ocgnews.com, is recovering from knee surgery. This was Morgan’s second surgery—a revision—to the same knee. He had the four-hour surgery on June 14. The stitches were removed today (June 30) and he got a positive nod from his surgeon that he’s “looking good.”


Morgan used a cane to walk to his vehicle, which was driven by his daughter, Mackenzie. His home duty “nurse”—5-year-old granddaughter, Luna—was filled with joy as he made his way to the back seat, where she was waiting.


“Can I touch it?” Luna asked as she examined the knee.  “You look like you’ve been cut by a knife.”

“I was cut by a knife,” Morgan said, reassuring her that he was fine.”


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